About us

"Darimex 98" is a family company founded in 1998. The company was created to restore the manual production of chocolate bonbons in Bulgaria. Bonbons loved by generations of Bulgarians were stopped by production in the mid-1990s and Darimex 98 aims to bring consumers back their favorite products, according to the original recipes. But besides familiar products, proven technology and experience, it is equally important for us to respond to all new trends, tastes, requirements …

That's why the motto of the company is "With the Traditions in the Future!".

Our passion is chocolate, so we think products should be produced with lots of care, love, quality raw materials and technology! Our excitement is great from the idea of the product, its development, the tasting.... mm, the packaging and finally the greatest pleasure to see the delight that you are experiencing from our product!

Chocolate is a pleasure and enjoyment that no one should be deprived of! That's why it's important for us to create happiness for everyone, including people who eat healthily!
And the new brand "Dar's" was soon created.
Under this brand are produced premium healthy products - sugar-free, gluten-free, fiber-rich for vegans and diabetics.

2009 we opened a new factory covering all European Food Safety Requirements:
- 2011 we received International Food Safety Certificate (IFS) - International food standard /
- 2014 - FSSC 22000 certificate

Our staff has a long experience in the industry, which guarantees a truly high professionalism and quality of production. The company is flexible and open to innovation, while striving to maximize the needs of consumers. In addition, products are developed for different countries to suit specific tastes - for example, different packaging, style, inscriptions, taste, and so on. In addition to the domestic market, we export for Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Romania, Georgia, Mongolia, Malta and others.




We at Darimex 98 Ltd. are aware that our clients are the main driver of our company's business development, so we set the main goal to continuously and more fully meet the needs and expectations of our clients for chocolate production.

We achieve this by:

We accept the maintenance, updating and continuous improvement of the Food Quality and Safety Management System (FQSMS) as a key management task.

Identify, review and update information related to both our company context and our stakeholders and their requirements.

We strictly observe the safety of the produced food products.
• We strictly adhere to national and international regulatory requirements for the safety of manufactured foods. 

• We strictly observe the provision and guarantee of the authenticity of the produced food products.

We select our suppliers by strictly adhering to the pre-set quality and safety criteria and strive to build partnerships with them.

We maintain our competence at a level appropriate to meet the requirements for our products.

We are introducing a process-oriented approach in the implementation of our company's activities, to more effectively monitor and measure our achievements.
• We implement a systematic approach to managing our company, maintaining a management system in accordance with the requirements of FSSC 22000 and 
BRCGS Food Safety for greater transparency and confidence in customers that their requirements will be covered.

We carry out measures for continuous improvement of processes and FQSMS by applying the postulates of the cycle “planning, implementation, verification and action”.

We comply with the Code of Ethics, which reflects the relationships between suppliers, customers and employees of the company.

• We do not pollute the environment and water by controlling production waste and waste water. In order to achieve significant development towards satisfying our customers and stakeholders, we set specific food quality and safety goals that are the subject of an annual review of efficacy. We define the current policy as appropriate to the goals and context of our company and strive to be accessible to relevant stakeholders.


14.07.2021 Manager: Plamen Pavlov